A Investmentbroschure for Brigantes Sail Powered Shipping

Tis project was very interesting as well as challenging. As both, my client and I travelled a lot within the timeframe of the project. It was 10 days to develop the idea and finish it all up.

In between travelling and working on board we always found time for videoconferences. Therefore we were able to ensure the feedback and working process was smooth, coordinated and fast. You can see the result of this teamwork below. It consists of 22 pages, connecting the emotional world on board with the facts of business. Sail shipped coffee is part of this as well.

I created a picturestyle, all icons, picked fonts, pictures, edited and set up everything. It was a pleasure to work with and for such a great project and to design ship related content, while working on a ship myself. This gave me great inspiration and insight for what was needed.

Teammates: Asma Arbaoui

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