Segellogger BV2

Client Vegesack Logger BV2 gGmbH

Project Website, Logo, T-Shirts, Business cards, letterhead, ship stamp

Description I was contracted to redesign the website of the BV2, however due to an old hosting system I had to write an entirely new website, using HTML and CSS. The aim was to make the new website customer friendly, easy to navigate, with a focus on clear organization of the important material. Future guests should have an easy time finding all the information they need to book trips without confusion. Since a new website was required, I was also asked to design imagery for an updated logo to be used on business cards, letterhead and T-shirts. The BV2 is run by enthusiastic volunteers and a non-profit organization. With the new website and appearance, they hope to attract more guests, target younger crew, and bring a fresh wind into the organization. The result can be seen by clicking the link below.

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