New Logo

Client Njord Sail and Cargo Aps for S/V Linden

Project Logo, Line drawings of the ship, Belaying pin diagram, Sweater design

Description The Linden is a 3-masted wooden schooner, Europe’s largest, and has very elegant lines and significantly high masts. Linden sells high-class expeditions into the Arctic Circle to Svalbard. She provides romantic adventures in wild places and boasts a unique onboard hanging garden system to grow fresh produce while underway. When I stepped on board S/V Linden, she hadn’t been sailing for 4 years. As the boatswain, it was my job to make the ship seaworthy for the upcoming season. During this time, I had several meetings with the owners and other business partners to reposition the ship back on the market for cabin charter and bookings. The resulting graphics are a result of the efforts to give Linden a new image and highlight her rebirth back as an active sailing ship. The Logo was designed to mirror the aesthetics of the schooner. I created a website and social media accounts and made them accessible for the captain and crew, so that content can be updated after I disembarked.

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